The Hellish, Deadly LSD Trip That Lasts for 3 days

When it comes to drugs used on raves, we discovered so called Hellish and that some users are naming it a drug you should never try.

So what exactly is Hellish?

The Hellish is in a way like upgraded version of LSD, with trips lasting up to 3 days.

It is a drug that is named because its molecular structure looks like a dragonfly.

Bromo-dragonfly, as other call it, is sometimes sold as LSD, because it’s active at low enough doses to be put on a tab. While an LSD trip usually lasts a few hours, The Hellish can be active for up to 3 days, and can have a range of nasty side effects. These include seizures, spasms in your veins and blood vessel constriction. Amputation of limbs is required in severe cases. Not freaky enough yet? The trips have been described as being “dragged to hell and back again”.