Heîk drops “In Your Eyes” EP (Incl. Citizen Kain Remix) on UNSEEN Records

The fourth release in UNSEEN Records catalogue is an impressive 5-tracker EP by HEÎK.

“In Your Eyes” EP tells a gripping sonic story. Comprising a collection of compelling melodies, UNS004 boasts a unique sound with some floor-filling tracks like the booming and rumbling ’23’ and its heavily-charged remix by Citizen Kain — delivering two similar yet intrinsically distinct experiences that are sure to make the crowds move. Next up is ‘Sunrise’ featuring 33 Lives, bringing the EP into darker, grittier territories and masterfully mixing haunting vocals with heady beats.

With its pulsing production, ‘Seen Your Eyes’ is a guaranteed banger and nurtures an almost mesmerizing energy. Bringing it all to a show-stopping end, ‘Mental Illness’ (ft. 33 Lives) is a truly catchy thing, full of bounce and a more experimental sound. The shifting rhythms and tempting melodies of UNS004 will take you on an intense journey where each track flows and merges with the next in the most intricate of ways.

Grab it here.