Figure-Ground announcing ‘Out of the Shadows’ album

The duo Figure-Ground release their second album ‘Out of the Shadows’ this March on Shadow Story. All proceeds of this album will go towards projects that help people with mental health issues through MYMUP* (Making Your Mind Up).

Figure-Ground’s new album is made as part of a music, light and drama event in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. ‘Out of the Shadows’ is aimed to promote the importance of emotional openness and speaking honestly about feelings. The ‘Out of the Shadows’ event took place on World Mental Health day in October last year and was open to the public.

The music on this album was created to coincide with the event and reflect the contrasting emotional states that contribute to our feelings and overall mental health. Figure-Ground balance their high-energy productions with tracks that offer a deep introspective beauty. From rich and layered textures that create dream like atmospheres to intense, dark industrial workouts and bass/bleep techno the pair weave through thirteen mental states that journey from ‘Loathing’ to ‘Desperation’, ‘Relief’, ‘Fury’ and finally ‘Compassion’.

The duo and realization of Figure-Ground covers a musical journey of over 20 years. Their music draws influence from hardcore drum and bass and breakbeat from the 90s to industrial electronics and experimental techno. The influences are varied but the output is constructed using electronic musical instruments that recreate the feelings and emotions of the raves of yesteryear, creating a sound for the dance floors and minds of today.