Famous EDM DJ and Once a Rising Techno Star: ‘Why I left Techno Behind’

If you are in your teen and early 20s you know his guy as a famous EDM DJ, if you are in your late 20s you know his electro house stuff, but if you are a little bit older you definitely know that the great career as Techno DJ and producer was just around the corner for him.

His name is Luke Van Scheppingen aka Laidback Luke who was one of the leading new names of techno music. He was a resident of Awakening festival, known for amazing remix of ‘The Stalker’ by Green Velvet.

Adam Beyer and Tiga revealed that they still play his techno tracks sometimes. Although it’s a shame techno lost one talent, Luke recently played techno set and amazed the masses.

Find our the reasons why he switched Techno for EDM in a video below.

VLOG #074

Why I quit techno.

Posted by Laidback Luke on Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016