Essentials For Travelling Abroad To Festivals

Every music fan knows that there is nothing like going abroad to see festivals and your favorite acts play abroad. Most of us will have grown up reading about the biggest festivals around the world and wishing we could one day go to them. One of the perks of adulthood is that this is finally an option. There is a huge difference between driving to the same festival you go to every year and heading overseas to a whole new atmosphere and a whole new experience.

However, if you are travelling abroad, then there are a few more things that you will need to do to get yourself ready and to make sure that you are covered in case things go sideways. As much as you may wish that all you need to do is get to the venue, travelling abroad will always come with its own obstacles and requirements. Here are a few things that everyone travelling abroad for a festival should pack and/or not forget.

Check The Public Transport Where You’re Going

This is something that a lot of people forget when they are travelling abroad as they hope that everything will be signposted at the airport and that they can figure the rest out when they get to the hotel. But if you are going to be using public transport of any kind while you are at the festival, you should check for any strikes beforehand. For example, the UK has had a massive period of train strikes over the last several months, and they often occur with very little warning. It should not be too difficult to find news about trains, subway or bus strikes, and it is always going to be worth your while. It is also going to be worth checking the route from where you are staying to where the festival is being held. Are you going to be able to get back easily if the festival runs late into the night?

Have Some Good Downtime Options Lined Up

Even if you are only travelling for the festival, you are going to end up with more downtime than you may have anticipated. You need to think about the time you are going to spend awake in the hotel (or tent, if you are going to be camping) when you are wide awake in the small hours of the morning thanks to jetlag. If you are staying in a hotel, then you’ve got the wait for check-in, not to mention the time that you need to kill before your flight back. It is also important to remember to take some time just for yourself while you are at a festival. You need to chill out and unwind, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. It’s a good idea to have some of your favorite shows downloaded, a good book in your bag, or an online casino live game lined up to pass the time. You might even end up winning some extra spending money. Play Live has an incredible range of games and reviews to help you choose the one that’s right for you. They also offer excellent security and privacy options to give you better peace of mind.

Print Out Your Itinerary

It goes without saying that you will have all the information you need on your phone, and that anything you don’t have downloaded or screenshotted will be on the festival’s website. But what you need to remember is that if your phone runs out of battery or if you lose it, you may have just lost the one thing that told you where you need to be going and at what time. Printing out your itinerary may seem a little old-fashioned these days, but it is one of the safest ways to ensure that you don’t end up completely lost and missing anything important. It is also a good idea to get anyone that you are travelling with to do the same, as it is so easy to get split up when you are at a big festival.

Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance

The last thing you want to think about when you are travelling abroad for a music festival for the first time is the chance that something might go wrong. But you need to think about the fact that you are going to be far from home and that if the worst-case scenario does happen, it could turn out to be very expensive for you. There were so many stories about chaos at airports in countries around the world in the last year that you should factor in the idea that your flight may be cancelled at short notice. What happens if you lose any valuables while you are travelling? And if you should have an accident or become ill while you are in another country, having insurance is vital.