Drug dealers tried to smuggle drugs into a festival in Kinder Egg and condoms

We hear news every day about the unusual things drug dealers so to smuggle a drug into a festival or venue.

And now, appears this gang of drug dealers who attempted to smuggle illegal drugs into a music festival using Kinder Eggs and condoms done something a step crazier. A group of thirteen young adults have now been sentenced for up to 31 years total for attempting to bringdrugs into Creamfields Music Festival.

Cheshire police reportedly confiscated thousands of pounds worth of cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine from the defendants at the Daresbury based music event this past August. Dealers, who are in their 20’s, were caught attempting to sneak in substances in unusual ways. One od the dealers, woman Hannah Lewis aged 21, of Edinburgh was found with two kinder eggs inside her vagina filled with £3,430 worth of cocaine and 58 ecstasy tablets worth £580. Another extreme is from member of the group Joseph Kirkham, who was found with a $1,240 worth of cocaine in a condom hidden within his body.

Read the full case here.

Pictured: Hannah Lewis smuggled a Kinder Egg in her vagina containing ecstasy and cocaine (Picture: Cheshire Constabulary)

Via: Rave jungle