Deborah de Luca to play at Database on April 13th


Global techno superstar Deborah de Luca is playing at Database, Romania on April 13th.

Deborah De Luca is a very successful italian female DJ, born in a neighborhood at the periphery of Naples. Deborah led herself to a disc jockey career aiming to refine her musical skills and provide artistical tunes and life changing sets.

During the past years her career has definitely taken off in a spectacular way becoming a worldwide phenomenon, being nowadays one of the most loved and appreciated DJ female of the techno scene in the entire world. Today, Deborah De Luca can brag of having played in clubs or at festivals from all over the world and of producing everytime fresh and innovative tracks, although if she cannot be associated to any recent musical trend. Her music is no doubt a high quality brand, an excellent fusion of techno and uncommon minimal sounds.

The artists to complete the line-up are Atapy & JUST2, two of the regulars of the club, very loved and much appreciated by the techno scene of Timișoara. They have proven each time their great skills and the ability of guessing the wishes of the public, every party with them being an absolute success.

Last remaining tickets at the price of 60 RON – regular/90 RON – VIP can be purchased until this Thursday, the sale is limited to available stock on hand.


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