Charlotte De Witte Released First Music Under Male Pseudonym

Through the history, many female artists have adopted male nom de plumes, or otherwise gender-ambiguous pseudonyms, for a number of reasons. But did you know rising techno name, Charlotte de Witte was one of them?

In her latest interview Charlotte reveals little more. She released her first EP as Raving George back in 2013 to avoid the stereotypes of being a female DJ and producer. But after her DJing career was in bloom, she said that ‘it became pretty obvious to most people that I actually was a woman, not a man. So the name started to lose its purpose.’

‘Music became something very serious to me. It became my full-time job and sort of my goal in life. Things got more serious. I found my way in life and I grew up. I didn’t feel the need to hide behind a male alter ego anymore. This is who I am; I am a woman, playing and producing music, and I’m bloody well proud of it too’, said Chatlotte for xlr8r.

You probably heard breakout hit “You’re Mine” she signed for Spinning, that has more that 11 million views.