database meets Form Space for reopening of main room

On the night of 10th of February, database gladly meets /Form Space, Cluj-Napoca’s most wished-for venue at the moment.

The special artist is slightly different from what we have presented you so far, the french based DJ Worakls. Above all, he is great composer who grew up in a family of very talented musicians starting to learn to play piano at the age of 3 years old. He studied Conservatory and soon after that he felt drawn to electronic music and found a way to mix his skills and the musical knowledge in order to create some tracks full of meanings and incomparable onirism. In 2014 he creats the label Hungry Music alongside his good friends N’to and Joachim Pastor. He is now disclosing his new project, called Worakls Band, flocking together several talented musicians.

The other artist to join this special party is DJ Ethylen, coming from the underground scene of electronic scene of Cluj-Napoca. His real name is Raul Alexandru Gherman and he performed for several years under the name of DJ Shiver a whole different style. At the beginning he performed in venues like Oscar and Boiler. Soon he decided to take at a whole new level and started a new project – DJ Ethylen. He promoted over the years the american style, which is seen by many as more agressive. As an artist he splits itsef between underground and mainstream and he is doing it great.

The artist to complete the line-up is the resident DJ of database – JUST2. He needs no introduction cause the regulars of the club are already familiar with his great work and astonishing fresh tracks.

Find out more about tonight’s event here.