Interview: David Jach

Whenever you see David Jach‘s live, they appear effortless such is his mixing skills and the brilliance of his groove filled sets. We sat down with him recently to discuss his studio techniques, his preference when it comes to winter and summer venues, and his recent track ‘Bang’ on Upon.You Records…

How are you David? For any of our readers that aren’t familiar with your work, please introduce yourself 🙂

Hi! All good – to get it on the point, for me it’s all about house and groove. I started collecting and playing vinyls very early. Due to my huge collection of classics as well as new music I’ve build up a quite interesting appreciation of house music. After 15 years of DJing it is still great to have music in the middle of my life – and that is still making me happy every single day 🙂

Tell us about your most Ep for Upon You Records – what inspired or influenced it?

I’m a big fan of the 80’s/90’s and I always try to get inspiration from the time back then – and that’s why I like to work with my old drum machines like Tr-606 / 707 / 808 and of course my beloved “Korg Electribe ESX-1.

What is your studio like? How important is the energy and the lay out of the place you make music in?

As I mentioned before – I really like the touch of analog machines. So my studio setup is a mix between the analog and the digital world – This enables an unbound energy for me. The best way to reach that energy is to separate my home and my studio space. I always try to recover at home and be creative in the lab.

And what are some of the key bits of gear in there? Any you really love?

Obviously it is very hard to decide but I think the TR-707 is my favourite. I have a special connection to this old beauty because it was my first drum machine.

How much does the gear define your sound? Are the specific characteristics of your tools what makes your music identifiable as yours?

For me the most important part is the rhythm – it’s really all about the groove! A lot of time during my production process is going into the bassline. I think that’s my special fingerprint.

What else are you working on/have you got coming up?

I just recently started my own label with my buddy Thomas Stieler. The label is going to be called “Simplay” and the focus from our new project is actually very easy – just Vinyl!
Besides to the label I’m also planning some new events in my hometown Dresden. I’m also working on a few more projects – especially remixes: I’ve just done some, such for Hector Moralez and James Grow.

How do you like playing in winter vs summer? Do you change the sort of sounds you play?

I like both seasons. In winter club shows are very cool – it is a different atmosphere and you play always nighttime. I like to play in small clubs – being close to the audience and of course I play some other EP’s than I wouldn’t play open air. The style is still the same I play in my way summer and winter. Summer for the moment is also great – playing sets in the daytime in front of a big audience is a special feeling and I miss that vibe sometimes in winter – so it is good to play in winter in sunny countries.

How does your work in the studio relate to your DJing, are you always thinking about how the tunes you make will work in the club?

To be honest it’s very easy: I’m just jammin around and look what’s coming around. Because of my perfectionism it usually takes a bit more time to bring my idea into something like an arrangement.

What hopes and dreams and goals do you have for 2018?

I’m really hoping to meet new people, new countries and new venues as I did the years before. I’m really happy about the current situation and it would be awesome if I could have the chance to move forward.

Great to meet you David!!

Thanks for having me 🙂
David’s ‘Bang’ is out on Upon.You Records
Grab it here.