Dasein sign new Venom Recordings EP

For its second release, the Barcelona-based independent label Venom Recordings follows its pioneering path into new and forward-thinking techno soundwaves.

The EP, to be released in both vinyl and digital versions, features two original tracks signed by Dasein, as well as two remixes from VII Circle and Memorial Home.

In their original versions, “Prometheus” and “Zodiac” reflect the Polish duo’s distinctive signature: a blend of obscure-minded groove with cinematic melodies. Both tracks are defined by the layering of deep and immersive sounds, where the combination of restless, punctilious basslines and beats with pulsating synths reverb drops climax into a pure hypnotic and spacey atmosphere.

For their interpretation, VII Circle and Memorial Home magnify the minimal and cosmic nature of the originals, crafting an ambient-like wavy tempo that traverse a dark flavoured sonic landscape with a strong emotional aura.

Four pieces of electronic mastery which offer a captivating journey, to be savoured in the intimacy of its own soul or to be shared with nightclubbing fellows.

This is a master piece and it’s out on  26th Febuary 2017.