Check out the Facebook Group that Helps You Take Drugs Safely

A Facebook group named Sesh Safety has been set up to promote harm reduction measures related to drug taking.

Founded by Dan Owns, Sesh Safety describes itself as a “judgement-free and friendly platform which allows anyone to ask a question about their substances of choice and how to safely take it.” User posts don’t have to be public, with anonymous queries able to be asked via direct message.

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Danny Arnott, an admin of the group, said: “Before Sesh Safety we had a few different groups such as MDMA Talk, Ket Talk, Benzo Talk etc. This made us realise that a lot of kids are potentially putting themselves in danger due to lack of knowledge when it comes to drug taking.”

“We also noticed a common trend of a lot of kids taking Xanax, codeine, lean etc. due to listening to their favourite rappers talking about it.”

Check out the group here.

Via: Mixmag