Only 40.5% of pills sold contain MDMA

Pure ecstasy includes a single ingredient: MDMA. Anything else has been modified to include other, sometimes deadly, chemical components. To understand how the purity of ecstasy has changed over the years, we analyzed more than 25,700 test reports of ecstasy from around the world to see how often these pills are cut with other substances. Continue reading to see what we discovered.

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According to the more than 25,700 records taken between 2005 and 2017 from, nearly half of the MDMA pills inspected were adulterated in some capacity. In some cases, versions of the drug may contain no MDMA at all.

For Example, only 40.5% of pills sold in the UK contain MDMA, and 34.7 percent sold in US. 68.8 percent pills contain MDMA in The Netherlands.

See the chart below.

Via: americanaddictioncenters