Carlo Ruetz next on RUKUS

Carlo Ruetz steps up for his debut on RUKUS with his ‘Creatures’ EP, dropping on 26th May.

Hailing from Rostock, Germany, Ruetz is one of the most exciting and intriguing names in electronic music today. With his DJ sets already rated by techno aficionados for over a decade, his debut LP “Breakthrough” in 2013 placed him firmly in the spotlight.

Since then, Ruetz has stormed the techno circuit, with releases on Minus, SCI+TEC and ELEVATE, and an extensive touring schedule including Minus showcases and ENTER Ibiza. This ‘Nightwalker’ four-tracker displays flawless production values and a highly skilled ear – fitting for an artist who has been steadily honing his craft since his first releases in 2011.

The listener is pitched straight into a head down, hands up, dancefloor EP, with the brooding bassline, plucky synthesisers and shimmering 808 hats of ‘Creatures’. ‘Nightwalker’ is an interweaving web of questions and answers coupled with bubbling arpeggiator lines whilst ‘Strangers’ is a tale of industrial twists and turns perfectly balanced with clean, edgy percussion and synth stabs reminiscent of another world and time.  The final track ‘Mysterious’, closes out the EP with a deep, purposeful bassline that only exemplifies Ruetz’ delicate touch with the finer details of music production.

‘Creatures’ drops on RUKUS on Friday 26th May.

  1. Creatures
  2. Nightwalker
  3. Strangers
  4. Mysterious