Interview: Carlo Ruetz

Credit: Jordi Cervera

Carlo Ruetz had been playing twisted technoid minimal for a decade, but it was his debut longplayer of that year – Breakthrough – that launched him into the spotlight. His ‘Creatures’ EP was something that blew our minds, it was release on RUKUS and Carlo was kind enough to spare his time and speak about it. Check ‘Creatures’ on Beatport, in case you’ve missed it. He has a new EP coming on ELEVATE, so follow Carlo Ruetz’s work here.

Hello Carlo, how are you? What’s new?

Hey Guys. I’m feeling really good. I’m exited for my release on RUKUS. New music is coming to you 😉

Your ‘Creatures’ EP was out on May 26th. Could you tell us something more about it and the creative process behind EP?

The EP was produced in the last 6 months if I remember correctly.
I’m going the same way like with all my productions. Starting with a loop, trying some VSTs on my DAW or my hardware like the Moog Minitaur or Electron Analog Keys. Sometimes the loop is included the main part or only the beginning of the track. When I feel bored I start a new production. In this way, I connect one project with another, for example, when a like a synth or an EFX. For me it’s a cool way because I have a lot ideas but not every idea fits with the correct project.

How would you describe the sound on this EP?

I never think about that. Difficult to describe it by myself. I love to generate a special atmosphere or a strong main part. When I look back, today my music is more mature, more special, more creative.

You released for significant labels such as Minus, SCI+TEC and ELEVATE. What is your goal in making music and what do you consider a good track must have?

Every producer or DJ have the same goal I guess. You want to become respected and gain attention. It’s really amazing to see that my tracks were played by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire or Nicole Moudaber and see the reaction of the crowd. Every artist is unique. A track must be strong and creative. I can’t explain in words what a good track is. I have to feel it.

Besides releasing on MINUS you are a part of their showcase, how has you collaboration started?

It all started in 2013. It was my debut longplayer – Breakthrough on Supdub Digitales – that launched me into the spotlight. Within 24 hours of its release the album crashed into the top spot of Beatport’s minimal techno chart, and it also caught the discerning ear of Richie Hawtin. Then Rich invited me to playing on IBIZA for his ENTER party. After that we stood in a good contact until today. I had the great opportunity to get my first release on Minus.

‘Creatures’ EP will be released on Rukus, and you played with Matador and more in Romania, so how did you and Matador met?

I met him on several parties last year. After my gig at Loveland in October last year we met us backstage. We spoke about a lot of things. Then he asked me for some demos. I was really happy and I sent him a few tracks 3 weeks later.

What do you consider as a turning point in your career?

I think it was the contact to Richie Hawtin. He and his team showed me another level of how I have to work. But of course, there was a time before Minus and Richie also. Alfred Heinrichs from Supdub Records gave me a similar support too.

You’ve been experimented a lot with music since you started producing, so why techno?

We all grow with our work. It is a long process that we all go through. I’ve arrived at what I’m doing. This is not the end of the journey but Techno gives me the platform in which I can live much more creatively. That’s it.

How do you envision Techno?

As a big community 🙂

What are your upcoming plans or projects for the near future?

I will release a strong EP on ELEVATE  and a new Minus EP is also planned. The year is half gone. We’ll see what’s going on. Looking forward to new music. Let’s see.