Carl Cox reveals favorite records from the ’80s

Carl Cox is a legend on the scene. He has collected over 150,000 pieces of vinyl.

Digging up his interviews, he spoke about his favorite records from ’80s and early ’90s in his interview with fact.

Carl Cox reveals: ‘‘Anything by The KLF used to kick off, [A Guy Called Gerald’s] ‘Voodoo Ray’ was massive. [Kariya’s] ‘Let Me Love You For Tonight’, anything by Frankie Bones, Renegade Soundwave was just huge.

So many great records came out round about that time, it was awesome. Thing is, great records are great because of the record, it’s not just how you mix ’em. So for me the record came first, then I’d try to add my essence on top of them as a DJ. But a lot of DJs now – with what they can do with computers, you don’t get to hear the bloody record. It’s just a loop upon a loop upon a loop.’ ’