Carl Cox on Ibiza changes during the years

Ibiza changes, many people say that. But is that because of the scene itself, or the people there or the prices?
Well, here is what Coxy had to say about Ibiza and its changes during the years.

Well, it’s known to be expensive, that’s what everyone is saying now. But it’s always been expensive, it’s just that back then everything was in Pesetas and of course you just knew that if you had a fist full of pesetas you’d have a good time, even though if you worked it out a vodka lemonade at Amnesia was about £15. But you’d already bought five of them by the time you worked it out! Now because Euros and Pounds are similar, you actually know what you’re spending. And you set up your whole trip online before you go. Previously you’d ask the taxi driver ‘where’s the best place to go?’ and you’d end up in San Antonio or near Ibiza Town or wherever. Now you’ve got your hotel or your villa booked and you’ve worked out roughly how much you’re going to spend.

The thing is if you’re going to see Steve Aoki at Pacha, it’ll cost your nearly a hundred euros to get in, 15-20 per drinks, money to get home – it’s going to cost you nearly 300 euros per person, for one night! Incomparable with a night at the pub. And if you go to Croatia instead it’ll probably cost you half the price. But in Ibiza you get quality. All the restaurants are really good now, even a rugged fish shack you’ll going to get your money’s worth. And when you go to Space and Amnesia or any of these clubs, there are thousands of euros that have gone into the production. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to Space but not once has the power gone out, for example. People forget about all the infrastructure, the cost of making the roads safe and everything. No matter how much it is to buy a drink, at the end of the day it’s safe now and I think that’s what you buy into.