Brazilian Tried To Smuggle Kilo Of Cocaine In Fake But

We hear new about drug smuggling every day, but this one’s way more comical.

As Mixmag reports, 32-year-old man sporting the cheeky accessory was arrested at Lisbon International Airport, Portugal after travelling from Belém do Pará in Brazil.

He was spotted by the Tax and Customs Authority, which isn’t exactly surprising as the gear was stitched into loud, garish, ‘everyone-look-at-me’ swimming shorts. He was then interviewed by the National Anti-Narcotics Trafficking Unit.

The Policia Judiciaria released a statement saying the amount seized “would be sufficient for the composition of at least five thousand individual doses.”, although it did not state the estimated street value.

Maybe if it was a women, no one would notice…

Here’s his stash.