Billboard Producer Tom Budin Make a Beat in FL Studio for Point Blank

For Point Blank’s latest video tutorial, they were joined by Tom Budin all the way from Down Under to show you how you can build a punchy house beat in FL Studio.

The 23-year-old DJ and Producer has been making big waves in Australia, as well as the international dance music scenes, with his fusion of addictive club tracks. He’s racked up millions of plays worldwide and that’s no surprise judging from his stellar releases and air-lock tight production. His sound is high-octane and fuses uplifting melodies with blistering basslines – the perfect remedy to heat up the dance floor. Budin’s a Billboard chart topper with his massive release, ‘X With U’ on Onelove, having featured at #1 on the list. Now, he’s unveiled some of the techniques behind his success. If you want to learn how to beat-make or beat-match Point Blank offer a number of courses both on and offline which specialise in DJing and music production.

During the tutorial, Budin explores the basics of the software whilst showing you how to make a gritty beat. He kicks off with building drums and playing with the looping functions FL Studio has to offer. Like many of the other DAWs they run masterclasses in (Ableton, Logic, GarageBand), FL Studio houses third-party plugins and VSTs like Massive, Serum and more. So, after building the foundation of the track with a beat, the Aussie-native fires up Serum and gets to work on a Tchami-style bassline. Switching from pattern roll to piano roll, Budin drops in his melody and shows how you can make it bounce with your drums, as well as implement the common sidechain ducking effect in FL Studio.