Baikal Nomads drops a new downtempo organic house release by Matt Jah

Baikal Nomads drops a new downtempo organic house release by Matt Jah which also features a remix from Sadhu Sensi.

Matt Jah is a well-travelled Italian songwriter, composer and electronic music producer who takes inspiration from different cultures. Blending live instruments and electronic sounds, his tracks often infuse enchanting melodies from far-off lands with indigenous tribal rhythms.

This is Matt Jah‘s second time releasing on Baikal Nomads after he recently featured a track on the label’s Badarchin, Vol. 6 compilation. His track “Canto a La Lluvia” was one of the standouts from the release and now he is back with four new originals.

Sadhu Sensi is a South African artist who takes influence from nature to produce tracks with uplifting energy and earthy percussion. He is a talented musician who often adds guitars and other instruments to his electronic music productions and his music can be found on record labels such as Cosmic Awakenings, Katermukke and Amselcom.

“Espiral” opens the release with a trippy synth line that is fused with a heavy kick drum and shuffling organic percussion to form the foundation of the tracks. Its focal point is a quena flute which fills the track with enchanting vibes before the synths get warped and twisted for a psychedelic ending.

“Indigena” blends a variety of atmospheric textures to create a sonic tapestry that’s full of vibrant colours. Its shuffling rhythms and building suspense are augmented with chunky percussion and bursts of melody from the lead synth.

“Ohm Nay” orientates around a chopped-up guitar sample that’s combined with Matt Jah’s recorded vocals which he sings in channelled language. Capturing the imagination of the dance floor, its deep bassline and downtempo groove provide a steady flow of energy.

“Orizonte” blends different flute samples with the uplifting energy of fast-flowing percussion rhythms and a modulating synth line that ripples with acid tones. It’s got a mystifying atmosphere that puts the listener into a trance with its spell-binding groove.

Sadhu Sensi’s remix of Ohm Nay adds a new bassline which forms the foundation of his rework, which lifts the tempo and strips back some of the original’s percussion to create a refined version that’s perfect for DJ sets.

Talking about his release, Matt Jah said: “Ritmo De La Selva” is a deep search for sounds and rhythms inspired by travels around the world. Rich in African percussion and Andean instruments. The concept of this Ep is to take the listener on a journey through forests, mountains, lakes and uncontaminated spaces. Nature is the guide within each song. Particularly in “Ohm Nay” where I sing, the chant is in channelled language, also called “light language.” It is a form of free singing that begins with meditation and ends with free expression.”

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