Architectural presents vinyl only cinematic LP ‘Metropolitan Opera’



Architectural – the name of both the record label and the producer – has returned with a ninth instalment of raw ambient techno. Metropolitan Opera features 7 tracks by Juan Rico that draw heavily from urban sounds like in big cities. The LP will be released in vinyl format only on January 27th. Following the dark, meandering music from Architectural’s first projects, 009 is a timely addition to a steadily evolving arsenal of a highly structural and dance-driven catalog.

Like Architectural’s previous release, Cubismo, Metropolitan Opera possesses heavy, cinematic soundscapes that utilize nuanced and highly intricate sound design devoid of driving techno interludes. The tracks, whose names ascend in numbered order, grow in intensity towards the album’s midpoint, where operatic vocals and soaring strings ride over dubby electronic synths. Architectural’s chords are poignant and intense, giving rise to a composition that, as a whole, is an incredibly rich tapestry that blurs the lines of conventional production techniques in contemporary electronic music.

Metropolitan Opera will be released  vinyl only on January 27th 2017. Watch the LP teaser below.



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