40 People Injured As Club Dance Floor Collapses (VIDEO)

Another accident happened in the club where a lot of people got injured, which is the reason a lot of inspections need to start to check the safety of everyone present.

The dancefloor of a club in Spain’s Island Tenerife has collapsed, injuring 40 people.

Clubbers fell through the floor to the basement of the Butterfly Disco Pub at abou 02:30 GMT this weekend.

Several people suffered broken bones, including leg fractures.

The club is in a shopping centre in Playa de las Americas, a clubbing hotspot in the south of the Spanish island popular with tourists.

Those injured are said to be from a number of different countries, including Spain, France, the UK, Belgium and Romania.

The number of casualties rose from 22 to 40 as it emerged that 18 had made their own way to hospitals.

Via: Guardian