UMEK’s record label, 1605 welcomes a brand new release by Danny Avila

UMEK’s record label, 1605 welcomes a peak time techno release by Danny Avila which also includes a remix from Amazingblaze.

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Danny Avila is an accomplished Spanish artist who recently made his 1605 debut with a track on the label’s ‘Desiderati 4.10’ mixed artist EP and he returns to the imprint with an explosive release. Many know Danny Avila for hosting the popular Mainstage Techno radio show which has a massive global audience. He also travels internationally to headline main stages at festivals and large-scale club events across the world. Along with his previous outing on 1605, he has also released music via his own record label, Mainstage Techno Music.

On remix duties, Amazingblaze is a talented young producer who joins the 1605 roster with a high-velocity remix in the style he has previously showcased via Charlotte de Witte’s record label, KNTXT. Having only made his debut release in 2021, he has exploded onto the scene and is widely regarded as one of techno’s most exciting young talents.

“Notre Dame” is an operatic techno track built around a thumping kick drum and pulsating bassline that lays the foundation for flutters of euphoric melody and eerie atmospherics. The epic breakdown introduces tantalising vocals while it ramps up the tension, then drops into a dramatic section with intense cinematic vocals.

Amazingblaze’s remix lifts the tempo and uses held chords to create suspense while the fast-paced percussion rhythms deliver a razor-sharp onslaught underpinned by a thundering kick drum. Adding his own twisted melody, he keeps the original’s operatic vocals as the main focus and adds a heavy breakbeat in the breakdown before letting the kick slam back in to a devastating four to the floor rhythm.