Solee Releases New Single, ‘On The Other Side’

One of the most devout contributors to the progression of electronic music, Solee, enjoyed another career-defining year in 2023, with a consistent stream of original music for the likes of Ritter Butzke Records, Spectrum and his own Future Romance. Following the release of his globally-adored single ‘Krake’ in November of last year, Solee now returns to his own esteemed imprint with his follow-up record, ‘On The Other Side’, kick-starting the new year in the same tenacious fashion with which he ended the last.

With ‘On The Other Side’, Solee invites us to explore the deepest recesses of our musical consciousness, offering a heady web of soundscape and synth intricacies to draw listeners into his immersive sonic world. An odyssey into the depths of house and techno’s rapturous sensibilities, Solee’s latest studio endeavour evokes a full range of emotions and movements; a trait we’ve come to know and love from his impeccable output. To fully realise the track’s spirit, Solee treats us to an anthemic break that floods the airwaves with warm nostalgia, demonstrating his innate aptitude for meaningful melodies.

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, Solee has served as a stand out component, surprising listeners at every turn with his forward-thinking brand of underground music. A maestro of melodic and atmospheric soundscapes, the Stuttgart-based stalwart approaches each and every project with the same passion and drive as he did when he arrived on the scene in 2006. With his exceptional catalogue of music tightly woven into the fabric of techno’s rich history and through his internationally-renowned labels Parquet Recordings and Future Romance, Solee’s impact on the circuit is more prevalent than ever.

Solee – On The Other Side (Original Mix) is out now via Future Romance.