Soiree Records continue turning heads with their latest VA offering, “Everland”

Soiree Records continue turning heads with their latest various artist offering, “Everland”. Hitting shops from June 17, 2024 – this record feels like a cross-section of what the label has been offering the ever shifting sands of the Deep House scene in recent years. Brought to life by the deft artistry of Drivetrain, Blaktony, Funtom, and Hughes Giboulay.

“Everland” is a collection of timeless Deep House music, written through the unique lenses of the four artists, each track a chapter in a larger story of musical exploration and emotive depth. “Hyperlock” by Drivetrain opens the EP and sets the foundation with its solid low-freq assault and seismic energy levels, an exploration of depth and dynamism. Following this, Blaktony’s “Butt Naked” establishes its own style with its unique but catchy bassline, weaving a narrative that is both danceable and resonant in a more laid back manner.

Funtom’s “Wisdom” relies on rhythmic sophistication with its tribal beats and deep drum workout, punctuated by sharp, intelligent sequences. Closing the record, Hughes Giboulay’s “Kickin That Feelin” captures the character of early proto-house, with its animated vocal work and a hypnotic solo, blending traditional Deep House elements with innovative sound design.

Join us in traversing the deep, timeless sounds of “Everland” and Soiree Records. Grab your copy HERE!