Concrete Records drops ‘The Merge’ by Phooka

Concrete Records is an Italian label based in Rome and has seen contributions from Voices From the Lake, Minilogue, Svreca, Tensal, Echologist aka Brendon Moeller and Cassegrain, and many more, with many releases gaining multiple represses.

Phooka also known as Francesco Maddalena, is the co-founder of Concrete with Maurizio Cascella and is a respected producer who has released on his own label as well as listing appearances on Diffuse Reality, Warok Music and Blackwater

Remix duty welcomes Sweden’s Anthony Linell, the renowned Northern Electronics label boss that features most of his original music, but he can also be found collaborating with Adiel on Danza Tribale, or remixing Tensal to Amotik for example. Under the significant Abdulla Rashim moniker, his tracks have also been released on top projects such as Prologue to Svreca’s Semantica.

The second remixer included in the release is Plants Army Revolver, a notable duo from Italy who have released on Shifted’s Avian, Mental Modern, Sense Code and HomeMadeZucchero.

The first track is Anthony Linell’s remix of “False Flag” that uses a stuttering kick drum to create an abstract vibe and is met haunting tones and metallic percussion.

The “False Flag” original has a patient yet regimented rhythm from a thundering kick and warm, pulsing sub bass to showcase an interesting dystopian aesthetic.

Remixing “The Rug Pull,” Plants Army Revolver harness a throwback, looping, tribal sound with dub techno influences and mesmerising hypnotic elements.

Track four sees “The Rug Pull” and its original abstract idea. Using sparse beats with congas and shakers amidst harmonic drones and other shimmering effects, it creates a unique sound tapestry experience.

Grab it here!