Self Control announce the release of Future Self’s “Miramar”

The sun sets on 2023 but the rhythm still pulses on this winter. Self Control announce the release of Future Self’s italo tinged record “Miramar,” set to launch on Friday, December 8, 2023. “Miramar” takes listeners through the realms of deep melodic italo house, embodying the energy and vibrancy of an island beach sunset. Once again Future Self show a nack for bringing disparate influences together.

The release includes the original and the less laid back “Drama in the Sauna Remix”. Each track, with its own unique flair, promises to be the quintessence of chill yet energetic vibes, encapsulating the ethereal transition from day to night amidst the gentle waves and soft sands. “Miramar” as a package blends rhythmic sophistication with emotive melodies, creating a lush environment, resonating with italo influence.

Grab your copy HERE!