Nabil Hayat introduces his next EP ‘Mold’ on his FORM1 imprint

Nabil Hayat introduces his next EP titled ‘Mold’ on his own imprint.

‘Enviro’ which sees the artist move more towards a stripped down approach with its distorted kick drums, filtered effected percussion and cymbals that swoosh throughout – Atmospheric textures and frequencies that flow through the track until the stab fades in.

Next is ‘Mold’ which is a bass heavy late night stomper filled with hypnotic rhythms, rumbling bass lines and off beat claps that groove around the kick drum. Still staying with his traditional sound, style and filtered sweeps that move from transition to transition is ‘Numer’ more orientated towards peak time or early hour sonic journey’s.

The EP closes with ‘One Way or Another’ which sees a more deep, classic approach which has a funky bass line, oscillating synths and driving percussion with elements that fade in and out and sees ‘MOLD’ fade away into a far away galaxy.

Grab it HERE!