Mollono.Bass & Martin Kohlstedt drop new single AMS on 3000Grad

Introducing an extraordinary fusion of Neoclassical and Melodic Techno, Martin Kohlstedt and Mollono.Basshave joined forces to unveil their groundbreaking collaboration through the mesmerizing single, ‘AMS/Mollono.Bass Rework.’ Marking their inaugural partnership, the duo seamlessly intertwines their distinctive musical styles, crafting a composition that transcends genre boundaries.

In this unprecedented collaboration, Mollono.Bass and Martin Kohlstedt achieve a remarkable equilibrium by merging the pulsating beats of Melodic Techno with the emotive elegance of Kohlstedt’s piano virtuosity. ‘AMS’ unfolds as a meticulously orchestrated odyssey, where Mollono.Bass’s electronic prowess and love for the detail converge with Kohlstedt’s neo-classical finesse. The outcome is a sonic tapestry that effortlessly marries rhythmic dynamism with soul-stirring melodies, with the piano serving as the rhythmic heartbeat, infusing warmth and humanity into the vibrant, melodic techno backdrop.

Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in a musical realm that effortlessly spans tradition and innovation. This collaboration illuminates a symbiotic relationship between the organic tones of the piano keys and the electronic beats, forging a revitalizing synergy that is simultaneously uplifting and forward-thinking.

Beyond being a mere convergence of musical elements, ‘AMS’ stands as a testament to the artists’ audacious spirit in pushing creative boundaries while maintaining a sense of unity. More than a song, ‘AMS’ is a jubilant celebration of musical fusion, where Neoclassical intricacies meet the rhythmic allure of Melodic Techno, resulting in a harmonious exploration of sound that resonates with both depth and innovation.