Evan Kinzer drops “Tacenda”, the debut EP for his latest project, Left Unsaid

“Tacenda,” is the debut EP for Evan Kinzer’s latest project, Left Unsaid.

Born from a Portland winter and inspired by the nuanced soundscape of everyday life, this EP of delicate contrast, is a captivating blend of authenticity and innovation.

From the raw emotional capture in “Hooked Me” to its meticulously crafted soundscapes, “Tacenda” is playful, warm and deeply resonant.

Get ready to delve into a musical journey that’s as thought-provoking as it is genre-defying. Left Unsaid is not just launching an EP; it’s making a statement.

Tacenda is an invitation to listen to everything, including moments between the sounds that permeate every moment of our lives, and to feel the effects of this attention.

Artist Quote – “In the depths of last winter, Evan Kinzer (Left Unsaid) crystallized months of artistic evolution into a seminal work: “Tacenda.” This debut EP doesn’t just serve as an introduction; it’s a manifesto that brings Left Unsaid into its full form—turning years of meticulous craftsmanship and existential inquiry into a cohesive and compelling narrative.

Against the moody backdrop of the cold and grey Pacific Northwest, Kinzer crafts a contrastingly warm atmospheric world with a collage of field recordings captured in unguarded moments of everyday life. It’s a level of verisimilitude that reveals a keen ear for detail, blurring the lines between art and experience.

Take, for instance, “Hooked Me.” What began as an unfiltered voice note by vocalist HVNNVH turned out to be the indelible core of the track. Though professionally re-recorded versions were attempted, it was this raw, initial capture that unmistakably bottled the electric chemistry between the two artists. It’s a creative choice that underscores Left Unsaid’s commitment to authenticity and the unvarnished expression of emotion.

For “Tacenda,” Kinzer not only poses questions about the project’s identity but also finds answers within its own tapestry of sound.”

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