Asem Shama returns with new single “Stung Girl”

Asem Shama, a master of rhythmic artistry, unveils his most recent creation, inviting listeners on a captivating journey. Brace yourself for a captivating exploration with a techno track that carries an unapologetically bold and dynamic edge, destined to leave a lasting impression on future generations. Asem Shama presents his latest release, “Stunt Girl,” a techno marvel pulsing with relentless vitality. With a surge of electrifying energy and a gripping, full-bodied experience, Asem Shama propels “Stunt Girl” into the nocturnal expanse.

This track stands as a formidable powerhouse, echoing with the unbridled vigor distinctive to techno music. Astute ears may discern familiar nuances from Asem Shama’s earlier works, where his meticulous craftsmanship seamlessly weaves each layer of sound, fostering an unstoppable momentum that propels the track forward. Once again, the Berlin-based producer and DJ showcases his skill in crafting dynamic and nimble techno, all the while staying true to his signature sound. As the driving force behind “Sportclub,” his label remains at the forefront of pushing boundaries and embracing the avant-garde in electronic music—an ethos epitomized by the pulsating energy of “Stunt Girl.”