Interview: Mha Iri

Q: Hi Mha. Thanks for being with us! How has your year been so far? What has been your highlight of 2023?

A: My Australian tour was very special as I lived there a few years ago, so I got a chance to catch up with some very good friends whilst there and all of the gigs I played were just awesome energy. 

Q: What drove you towards electronic music and shaped your current sound?

A: I started going to illegal raves from a young age and that really peaked my interest in electronic music, particularly techno. My sound is shaped by other music that inspires me and also by how I’m feeling and how I want to express myself. 

Q: What is your studio set up like? Would you call yourself a gearhead?

A: My set up is fairly simple. I do everything in the box with Ableton and a number of VSTs. I would like to dabble in gear eventually for fun but I produce the sound I am happy with without it. 

Q: What is your preferred set up when playing out?

A: Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus and a DJM900

Q: What setting do you prefer? Intimate club or big festival?

A: I like both for different reasons. I love intimate settings as I can interact with people around me and really feel the crowd’s energy, but big festivals have such an electric vibe to them and it’s a real thrill playing to a large audience.

Q: What has been your favourite venue to play so far?

A: I think playing in Edinburgh at Liquid Rooms (my hometown) was incredible as it was just after Covid restrictions ended and my first gig back after it. It was like blowing breath back into my life again after a really tough period. Plus Scottish crowds are brilliant!

Q: What tracks never leave your bag?

A: Dennis Apec – You & Me is one of my favourites.

Q: How did you come to release on Drumcode?

A: I submitted a few tracks through my management and one of them got selected for the VA. It was a very big moment for me. 

Q: What artists are on your radar at the moment? Whose currently inspiring you? 

A:There’s a few. I really love ROBPM’s production and I’m also digging an artist called Zimmz who released an amazing track called ‘Qualia’ on Drumcode. It just sounded really fresh and unique. If anyone is pushing a sound that’s got a bit of a unique and fresh feel I’m usually liking it. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most this year? Any highlights on the horizon?

A :I’m really looking forward to playing at Mayday in Dortmund and Ikarus Festival.

Q: What have you got coming up release wise? What can we look forward to from Mha Iri?
A: I have a few awesome label announcements to make but I can’t say anything for now. I’ll just say I’m very excited for this year and leave it at that.