Premiere: Michael Klein – ‘Signal Response’ (Official Video)


German Techno producer Michael Klein is know for his specific sound with dark but groovy basslines. Michael Klein launched new label BLK DRP with ‘BLK DRP #1 EP’ that already has great feedback. In the interview you’re reading below, Klein spoke about his label and its goals. Only Techno is premiering ‘Signal Response’ video, watch it below. Enjoy!


Hi Michael, how did you got interested for electronic music, especially techno?

I grew up in Frankfurt am Main. A city where the presence of artists like Chris Liebing and Sven Väth was pretty big. After Sven opened up his Cocoon Club I started going out a lot there and right away got into the sound which for me back then seemed pretty underground compared to most of the commercial music I have known until then. Since Techno got on my radar I keep on digging deeper and deeper to understand all it s facetes and underground paths better.

What were your first influences?

As mentioned above Sven and Chris have been a big influence in the very beginning. Around 8 years ago I moved to Berlin which opened up way more opportunities for me to consume electronic music. Here I got very strongly influenced by the sound of people like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Truncate, Eduardo de la Calle and many more.

You EP ‘BLK DRP #1’ is out, so tell us something more about it?

The first release is having two originals of mine. One classical dancefloor track and broken beat one. I was very happy that my friends Amelie Lens as well as the Vangelis brothers aka Raiz joined me on that first release by contributing amazing remixes.

You launched a new label BLK DRP, what was the starting idea?

The starting idea was that I wanted to have a platform for me to experiment a bit without having to go through the process of discussing A&R topics with other labels. Don’t get me wrong. I still do this but I also know that there are some tracks that just wouldn’t work on the labels that I currently work with but I still want to put them out into public because I believe in them.

What will the goals of BLK DRP be?

The goal for BLK DRP is a very personal one. I want to create a platform which allows me to work with artists I respect and get inspired by. Most of the time these are going to be close friends but I also want to reach out and address people that I look up to and with whos inspiration I have become who I am today musically.

What kind of music will you seek for your label?

I am currently not planing to release other artists on my label. For now it will always be originals by myself supported with remixes for others.

Do you have upcoming BLK DRP releases already planned? What should we expect next?

Yes. The next BLK DRP is already at the pressing plant. I am also very excited about this one as it is going to host remixes by Eduardo de la Calle as well as TWR72. Both artists who have been a big inspiration to me over the years.

The first BLK DRP EP is on Beatport’s main page and Mixmag enlisted the release in January must hears, all signs that it is going to be big, so what are your thoughts of this EP?

I could not be more happy of how the scene welcomed BLK DRP as a label. It is very heartwarming for me to see all these feedback and all the support. So I also want to use this opportunity to again say THANK YOU to everybody who was involved in getting this label on the radar.

What’s your favorite thing when it comes to producing your own track?

That moment when your ideas and sketches finally come together. It’s an amazing feeling when your track idea finally clicks.

Speaking of your releases, you singed for Second State. How has your work with Pan-Pot and their label started?

I have been working with Pan-Pot a lot since years through my role at Native Instruments. They have been involved in a lot of conceptual talks as well as feedback sessions on new ideas. As these guys are so welcoming and have such an amazing heart we clicked right away and became friends. Once they found out that I was producing as well they pushed me to send them some demos for second state which they have just been launching back in the day.

Tell us something about your role in Native Instruments?

I work as a senior product designer for hardware at Native Instruments in Berlin. I take care of a lot of the concept work when it comes to new ideas and layouts in regards to Traktor products. Through this roll I also met a lot of artists from the industry as it was key to stay close to the guys that are using our products and to listen to what their needs are.

Track from ‘BLK DRP #1’, Signal Response also comes with the video that we are premiering, starring Lena Kilchitskaya. What can you tell us about it?

This video has actually been created by “I am Johannes”. I met Johannes some time ago as we have been working on some fashion show visual concepts together where we have also been using some of my music. One day Johannes approached me with the idea for the video which I really liked and afterwards he and Lena took it from there. I really like Johannes’ works and am very happy about this contribution to the release.

What are your plans for the future, regarding music?

I’m currently planing the next release with Second State to come out early this year as well as working on all the details for the next BLK DRP #2 as well as talking to some potential remixers for #3.


Watch  Michael Klein – ‘Signal Response’ (Official Video)