Michael Klein invited Amelie Lens, Pan-Pot, Stephan Hinz and Roman Lindau for HUB series on Second State


Hub Three is Klein’s first collaborative release featuring Pan-PotAmelie LensStephan Hinz and Roman Lindau, leaving us struck by what is possible when talented artists come together to birth a new sound.

The EP is filled with melodic, dark beats that captivate the listener into a space of hypnosis and inspiration; it starts with a joint effort between Klein and Pan-Pot with ‘Haze Effect‘.  Since Pan-Pot hit the scene in 2007, they are continuously growing and evolving, as they seemingly never slow their roll working in studios and touring.  This intro for the release starts fast and hard, sure to get any body moving and shaking when they come into contact with the sound.

From there, the release flows into the next collaboration with Stephan Hinz in ‘Far Sight‘.  Hinz’s status ignited in 2014, and he is also a part of the Second State family.   This collab feels like the descending staircase into the dark depths of the soul compared to ‘Haze Effect‘, and keeps listeners on their toes with unpredictable twists in the sound.

Next up, we hear ‘Blinding Light’, a mix with Amelie Lens, one of the hottest things coming out of Belgium these days with her recent EP release filling dance floors with an unresistable light, up-tempo vibe.  ‘Blinding Light‘ offers a trance-inducing beat, which feels darker than Lens’ typical offerings.

HUB 003 wraps up with ‘Secret Passenger‘, a collaboration with Klein’s good friend and self-proclaimed music junkie, Roman Lindau, a track that invites a lighter beat to be danced and grooved upon, while still giving the strong backbone of techno which Hub Three offers.

Hub Three is a captivating compilation of beats that is both familiar and intriguing for techno lovers near and far.

HUB Three will hit the stores September 29th on Vinyl and Digital formats via Second State Audio.


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