Interview: GAWP

GAWP has consistently proven himself on the circuit. Tipped as DJ Mag’s “One To Watch” and the direct support act for Oliver Heldens and Gene Farris on their respective tours, GAWP is able to provide accompaniment to a wide range of DJ’s whilst never failing to showcase his signature, unorthodox sound.

His latest single is a collab with Zander Club Last Domino which lands on RVDIOVCTIVE VOL.4. RVDIOVCTIVE Records round off an incredible debut year with the fourth in their compilation series, collecting 14 new and exclusive tracks from label regulars and newcomers alike, including GAWP & Zander Club, Devon James, Rupert Wall, Alex Amaro and James Ellington.

Greetings GAWP! Thank you so much for your time! As the year draws to a close, will you look back positively on 2022?

This was the first real year international flights and events got caught up again so feel it’s been a special one for all, with new artists and talent breaking through all the time there’s not been a more exciting time.

You’ve released on a huge number of AAA labels, across various different styles. Broadly speaking, what does a GAWP track sound like as we enter 2023?

It’s been a good year for me as i’ve never spent so much time in the studio actually working on music.. having remixed Idris Elba’s latest single Body Shots, Collab with my man Gene Farris and releasing music on many solid labels such as Sloth Acid, Sink or Swim, Wh0 Works, Hugs and not to mention the ones on my label Prime Society. I really feel having the time to craft my sound and doing lots of mastering at Most Wanted has really helped me level up my sound entering into 2023

The rave influences are clear on Last Domino… did you have a specific goal in mind when you sat down to put this one together?

Not really a goal in mind, Zander kicked the track off with some tasty breaks and pads then threw it over to me so I could add a heavy bass melody, some vocals and then to polish the finishing touches running the stems through the hardware and mastering it. It was a kind of unfavourite child of ours but then being so different it soon became one that rose to the top… we have made music for years under a different name and we were always known for our unpredictable mince and fish audio combos.

What are some of your favourite rave/techno tracks from the early 90s?

Prodigy, KLF, JX, Shamen, Aphex Twin, Chemical Brothers.

Do you think there’s more acceptance of artists zig-zagging across genres, where a decade or so ago they might have been expected to stay in one lane?

I think we should accept artists to express their art form and expand with no restrictions, one advice I give when teaching production is try producing new styles then you can incorporate skills and ways into your own known style.. This is how some of the best producers break through as they come from a different sound.. And let’s face it no one wants to hear the same cookie cutter sounds for years.

What was it like working with Zander Club on this one? Did you get to spend some studio time together?

We are best friends and worked as The Squatters for over 10 years. This was let’s do another one and see what happens.. this isn’t the Last Domino.. that’s where the name came from 😉

How did you hook up with RVDIOVCTIVE on the release?

I was scrolling on Tinder and came across my man Devon James.. (Jokes obvs). Devon and I go back 4/5 years from everything such as playing on a private island in Croatia for NV’D records, eating Pizza at Shady Park in Arizona, to playing the amazing Rvdiovctive parties during Miami Music Week. Next up, Devon and I are both mentoring for Doorly’s Orbit Dj Retreat in Ibiza 2023 too.. the whole ethos and crew are solid people and I’m delighted to be part of the amazing release.

What other projects do you have coming up we should be keeping an ear out for?

Got a spicy hot collab with Marc Spence forthcoming on Matt Sassaris label called Sinner Down with a remix from Hauswerks, Somebody called Devon James just gave me remix parts for a track which I will be starting early Jan, got releases set for Gene Farris’s Farris Wheel soon and so many more I won’t bore you with.

RVDIOVCTIVE VOL.4 is out 31 January, grab it HERE.