How to Enjoy Techno And Raves Without Doing Drugs


Find the crowd who loves techno as much as you do

The best is not to rave alone, especially if you have friends interested in techno and raves as much as you are. Seeing your friends dance will give each other energy and boost your group for a night of dancing.

Exercise at least once per week to boost your stamina

As funny as it sounds, this may come in handy, and it may be walks, or running on a treadmill.

You don’t need to stay till the end

This is the important thing, if the music or rave is getting bored to you or the DJ you came to see disappointed your expectations, it’s not bad thing to get out of there earlier. Maybe you’ll find better party somewhere in the city.

Afterparty and coffee

For all of you who rave till the Sunlight, coffee is the best thing to drink after rave and then you can head to the afterparty.

Do you really need drugs and energy drinks? Let us know you opinion in the comment below.


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