How to Enjoy Techno And Raves Without Doing Drugs

Some of you take stimulants for having the best of raves, while some of you are getting high by music, either way everyone will agree that wider masses don’t see words rave and sober standing together.

In case you are among the people who want to rave without doing drugs, here are some things you may find useful.

Eat before rave

First and definitely the most important is to eat properly ahead of the rave (and not after) as it will give your body energy to stay on your feet dancing through the night. Even Joseph Capriati said the food kept him going when he played 24 hours long set.

Have a nice rest before going

Always try to rest ahead of rave, whether it’s a nap or just 15 minutes laying on the couch. It may not seem important but it’s good for your body.

Bananas and water

Water is always important on rave, weather you are taking drugs or not, because good hydration because of sweating is important for having a good energy. The same goes with bananas, eat one of two ahead of nightout, just remember all those tennis players eating bananas.

Explore the venue

Another great thing is to keep yourself interested in the rave, if you are there for the music and the vibe, why not scoop around and see how the vibe is on some other place in the venue.