The 10 Kinds of People You Will Find at Raves

After we wrote about whistle phenomenon that is annoying, yet has it place in rave culture history, we decided to try to make a list of 10 kinds of people we usually see at raves. Are they the annoying ones?

Let us know if we missed some in the comments below.

The Whistle People

The most annoying of them all.

Disappointed (older) Raver

Saying too often that rave such or if older ‘it was better in my time’.

Hot chicks that are always pushing someone in order to pass

Those girls who go to raves only to be roaming around the dancefloor, and in their goal to be seen in every corner of the venue they are pushing people around. Miss-products of techno raves becoming a more popular trend.


Yeah, meme says it all.

Sweaty shirtless guys

No one wants you here!