New Documentary Reveales How Ibiza Became a Party Capital

Ibiza era una fiesta’ is part of RTVE’s ‘Ochéntame Otra Vez’ series revisiting Spain in the 1980s.

In the 80’s, the island’s pastoral and horticultural culture, Adlib fashion, markets and acoustic guitars began to share terrain with tourism, great discos, electronic music and endless party. In ‘Ibiza was a party’, we remember this time through the testimonies of several direct protagonists of that evolution: Ibizan cousins ​​and long family tradition – such as the businessman and ex-minister Abel Matutes – and adventurers who felt the call of the Ibicenco dream and They settled in the island to live it in first person, like the photographer Toni Riera, public relations Carlos Martorell, the philosopher Antonio Escohotado, the musical promoter Pino Sagliocco and Merel and Alok.