Review: Sleepy & Boo – ‘Contact’ EP (Techniche)


Head into Techno’s vast cosmic sound-scape with the latest Sleepy & Boo’s ‘Contact’ EP.

Brand new three-tracker released on Techniche has already made its mark on the charts.

The first part of the EP opens up with a track named Untold that portrays a steady ride with some serious kick effects to provide the atmosphere that is both cosmic and uplifting and ruinous force of the earthquake, made up of burst of energy and distortion of the bass. At about a half of a tune, a new dimension is introduced with an emphasized tension.

Next in line is Slight with a solid bassline that fits perfectly in the techno sound-scape we all want to hear on the dancefloor. Stripped to the bone and reduced to a rhythm with a low admixture of the atmosphere, this track reflects the energy of the club that entered into its fifth hour after midnight.

The lead track Contact fires on all cylinders with a heavy groove coupled with deep chords and a light melodic touch, and it comes with a twist. It features fast circular movements, leaving behind a short dotted track, the effect of falling of colorful droplets on a black techno canvas.

Sleepy & Boo are getting more and more attention. Their sound provides the synonymous with the modern form of energetic, almost abrasive techno with a wide range of atmospheric melodies. Don’t forget to show your support and follow the duo, Techniche label and grab the release HERE.


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