Review: German Brigante – Electombo EP [Manitox]

Despite his name, German Brigante is actually a Spanish DJ and producer. He is undoubtedly one of the most charted artists on Resident Advisor, such is the essential nature of his floor filling house and tech output. Now he is back with a new one on Manitox that offers two different grooves and comes with a remix from Kevin Over.

Electombo goes first and is a busy track with lots of great sound design, fresh ideas and inventive textures. It is a tech house jam with a difference thanks to the sci-fi synths, dark and muffled vocals, chattery claps and random hits that make it full of charm. Games then drops into a more loose, elastic and slinky groove. The drums are rubbery, the vocals are amped up and the whole thing is couched in reverb to really make it feel fleshy.  The Kevin Over remix then ups the ante with a more driving groove. Some soulful pads keep things emotive and the whole thing really bangs.