Zosimos label head Feph drops ‘Universe’

Zosimos is a vinyl and digital label based in Miami, Florida that is an outlet for the label head Feph aka Stephanie Reyes.

Feph is soon to release on Ness and Claudio PRC’s The Gods Planet in collaboration with Mr. Tron, as well as having appeared on Alchemista and CommonSense Records. The pair also run Zosimos events in Miami booking guests like Developer, Stephanie Sykes and Terrence Dixon.

Universe is her debut album created entirely with her modular synthesiser and journeys into hypnotic, raw, dub-fuelled techno with delicate percussion patterns and sci-fi themes as well as interesting ambience, analogue grooves and majestic textures.

Grab your copy here.


01. Passcode
02. Groove Machinery
03. Sandy Rd.
04. Too Much Going On
05. GPS Iteration
06. Orbits in Time
07. The Blowhorns
08. Vogl
09. Journey Back Home
10. Solutions