World’s First Restaurant For Techno Fans Is Opening

Looks like someone seized the potential of popularity of techno lemonade. Apparently, a restaurant for techno fans will open in Amsterdam during the summer next year and its expected the project will last until ADE 2018.

There is a great number of techno fans from all over the worlds, couple millions at least and it appears that someone’s got the idea of making techno music inspired restaurant or bar during the Amsterdam Dance Event, where techno fans from all over the world will gather, according to Nacht Portal.

We believe that places like this will gain a lot of popularity, and maybe if this becomes successful there will be one of them in every city, especially in Berlin, we even wonder how nobody opened one in German capital yet.

But before we get more information regarding this, we found some ideas about what type of food and drinks could be served here, so here are some suggestions.

We also think they should name their cocktails after DJs, so who would’t love a place like this?!

The infamous Techno Lemonade.

Techno cupcakes, and all types of sweets

Typical Dutch black Liquorice candies sweets called dropjes

Any suggestions?