Listen to Villalobos & Loderbauer Remixes of Samuel Rohrer

© Alex De Mora

Coming hot on the heels of Samuel Rohrer’s ‘Range of Regularity ‘album are two EPs of striking reinterpretations. These new remixes provide an intriguing parallax view of the original tracks, using the percussive eclecticism of the parent LP as a starting point from which to journey into sonically vibrant, feature-rich territories. The production specialists on the first EP include Ricardo Villalobos and Vilod, the collaborative duo between Villalobos and Max Loderbauer. Villalobos, has already formed a strong working relationship with Rohrer’s AMBIQ trio, lends his talents to both of these new EPs. The second one will be completed by a remix of Burnt Friedman.

Each individual remix has its own character, they are all united in their ability to provide a quick cure for fatigue with the common ‘loop’: they are strung together from fleeting phrases that evolve as if they are taking on a life independent of their creators.

Villalobos’ compelling take on ‘Lenina’ pulsates from start to finish with a kind of voluntary anxiety; a commitment to painting every corner of the sonic surface with clearly defined pointillist touches. While this kind of approach would cause less confident producers to collapse at their editing workstation, Villalobos takes to the task with gusto – leaving seemingly no corner un-animated by sound, he pieces together something surprisingly funky and hyper-real from a catalog of distinct percussive hits, time-reversed ephemera, and playful ‘kitchen sink’ ambience. Vilod’s ‘Uncertain Grace’ remix, though marginally more laidback than the flipside, is no less engaging. A buzzing beehive of activity powered by an organ-like refrain, this is one of those pieces that will induce a feeling of perpetual movement into even the most still of physical surroundings. This is especially true when, after four and a half minutes of flotation, a straight-ahead techno rhythm takes over and all the disparate hovering elements fall into place.