Viktor Talking Machine drop Dream EP (Monaberry)

Viktor Talking Machine

With their exclusive vinyl sets, Viktor Talking Machine deliver enough reasons to have an amazing time. Gigs like at the Amsterdam Dance Event in the Netherlands or in hip clubs like the Sisyphos in Berlin are every time like a revelation with an uncertain and at the same time touching conclusion. Their creative understanding of groove always sets the pace, crossing genre boundaries without forgetting their love of house in the broadest sense.

The same goes for their selected releases , which get exciting remixes from artists like andhim and Lauer. Now Viktor Talking Machine send their Dream EP into the cosmos, which features a fantastic collaboration with Super Flu (Stil vor Talent, Diynamic, Disco Halal, just to name a few) and a remix by Chinaski, known for releases on labels like Running Back. If you had to categorise the EP, you would might locate it between melodic house and indie dance.

The bottom line is that it is simply an ode full of groove to the rave scene and to all the dancers on the floors of the clubs and festivals. No doubt, this release lifts you off the ground and takes you on a journey you will never forget… For all the ravers out there.

Grab your copy here.