“Vectors 3” compilation Launch Party on February 4th at Berlin’s Sameheads

On the this latest release from Power Vacuum, a motley selection of inmates gather once more to deliver a new seminar on the mechanics of meltdown. Beyond the zone of fruitless intensity lies ever more exhaustive trailer park visionaries blasting out wreck beats; a sound futuristic yet primitive like a turbo charged shire horse. Peering through the heavily worked over fug, we sift through the transphonic ashes of technos blast furnace to retrieve these molten ingots and sling them into a disenfranchised cassette player.

The release of the record will be celebrated with a party on Saturday February 4th at Berlin’s Sameheads.

Lineup – An-i (Lee Douglas), Duran Duran Duran and Bintus. More info about the party here.