Varg announces new album

Swedish artist Varg announces upcoming album, a part of his Nordic Flora Series which will be released across Northern Electronics and Posh Isolation.

“Nordic Flora Series Pt.3: Gore-Tex City” is the third chapter in the series curated by Varg, this unique album includes collaborations with Yung Lean, Alessandro Cortini, Drew McDowell, Chloe Wise and several other artists crossing various genres to form an eclectic full length to be out on Northern Electronics on March 27th, 2017.

As co-owner of Northern Electronics together with Abdulla Rashim and a part of a collaborative pact with the Danish Posh Isolation, Varg has the opportunity to diffuse his unique voice by releasing under and performing as Body Sculptures, comprised of Loke Rahbek of Croatian Amour, Puce Mary, Vit Fana and Erik Enocksson]as well as The Empire Line,together with Christian Stadsgaard.

You can listen to a track from the album below.