Vampires Love The Sun in latest EP by ˆL_

L_ is the moniker of the Brazilian producer and sound artist Luis Fernando. Having released his debut album “Love Is Hell” in 2014 through the Berlin-based Antime imprint, he Also received attention with a slew of remixes and contributed to Several compilations, most notably “Hy Brazil Vol. 7” Which was hand-selected by Chico Dub, one of the most important figures in the Brazilian electronic music scene.

Harking back to formative times of true techno vibes ‘Vampires Love The Sun’ is an EP with timeless beauty, driven by a celestial melody line and emotive bass notes that lobs it into the kind of laser-kissed territory that would make even the most jaded of raves throw their arms skyward.

Track ‘The Machinist’ is our personal favorite, it is euphoric and a real classic rave track with the perfect touch of acid, and you can order it exclusively here.