UMEK’s 1605 welcomes a three track EP from NoNameLeft

UMEK’s 1605 welcomes a three track EP from NoNameLeft who deliver three peak time techno tracks with driving percussion and spine-tingling synth lines.

NoNameLeft are a Hungarian duo who previously featured a single track on one of 1605’s mixed artist compilations and this time they return with a solo EP. They have also featured on other influential record labels including Mark Reeve’s SubVision, The YellowHeads’ Reload and Lampé’s Alula Tunes.

1605 has been influential in the careers of artists such as Mha iri, Rebel Boy and Sam WOLFE who are all talented artists who caught the attention of UMEK. NoNameLeft are the latest up-and-coming artists to feature on 1605 and this release is a perfect example of their exceptional talent for making hard-hitting techno tracks.

“Exaltation” opens the release with building suspense and the pounding kick drum lays a foundation for dramatic bass stabs as it builds towards a warm and uplifting breakdown, before the track is plunged back into darkness when the percussion slams back in.

“Mass Effect” is a dark and stripped back track with brooding atmosphere and ominous tension. Its trippy vocals and eerie pads have a dystopian vibe that combines nicely with the relentless pounding of the thickset percussion.

“Crystalline Substance” closes out the release with the twisted euphoria of the lead synth and pulsating energy of the bassline. Its epic breakdown section hits a crescendo that’s tailor made for maximum impact on the dance floor.

Grab it here.