TYOMA to Release Haze (Remixes)


Tyoma delivers his first new single in 2017, ‘Haze’ since his 10-track debut album ‘Mirror’ from April 2016. That was followed by a ‘Haze’ original in September and now with this new remix pack delivers us seven fresh new remixes, which will be available digitally, as well as three will be released on vinyl alongside the original.

Haze in original form is a four minute slow motion and raw track with crisp drums and rugged stabs all coloured with some wild and alien synth noises that burst and blasts out of the mix. First to remix is the legendary Matthew Herbert, whose Hillary Dub flips the cut into a colourful, synth laced house track full of elastic grooves busy chords and stabs. It’s freaky and fantastic and then Sonnen Blumen Kerne goes for a dubbed out broken beat remix that is one for the real heads. Berlin based youANDme then does his fantastically dubbed out, deep rolling thing on his tasteful remix and that closes out the vinyl.

The digital version includes another mix from youANDme that is more direct and techno leaning, with great and tight drum programming below emotive female vocals and edgy stabs. Sarcodone then gets rough and ready with his manic and banging version and Pixelord mixes up IDM and skittish techno forms into a nerve jangling, glassy cut that fires your every synapse. Last of all here Mathew Dub returns with a Trump Dub that is full of weird instrumental sounds, high pressure drums and weird vocals that all add up to one mind blowing trip.


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